Ten Tales of Improbable Escape Stolen from the Thief Giovanni Boccacio

Front Cover ImageBased on Boccaccio’s Decameron- set in the 1970’s and 80’s- these elegant- at times outrageous- stories explore a world before the Internet, before cell phones, before GPS- an epoch when people made real money without working at hedge funds- when our President probably had Alzheimer’s, and we didn’t notice. If you pay attention and let yourself imagine, you may realize you’ve heard these stories before- in places you never would suspect.

Click here to read a free sample: The Fifth Tale- Earnest Robs a Grave.

Ten Tales is available through your local bookstore and at Amazon.com.

And this is where Marshall Evans stole the tales:  Click Here and scroll down to the tales told on the second day.

(You’ll have to do some more work to figure out where Boccaccio stole them.)

Bonus: here’s a photo of the 1983 Young Farm Family of the Year (Piedmont District, South Carolina.) Really.

Young Farm Family photo

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