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Deuteronomy Jackson is off the chain!

Mega-millionaire Jackson came from the hood. Now he OWNS the hood. And he has Tony Jones, one of the richest men in Charlotte, in his clutches.

For months, Tony has tried to seduce Deuteronomy’s girlfriend- the unforgettable Chaqueena.

Meanwhile, Evan Marshall- once a wealthy executive- now a broke community-college instructor- has lusted for one of his own students. Until he gets caught with her in a sex video.

FNNF-able is a page-turning, outrageous thriller about sex, money, crime, and Shakespeare in the age of Trump.

Join us for the book launch December 5 at Hub City Bookshop in Spartanburg, SC- 5:30-7:00 PM.

Where does that title come from?!!

From a word T. S. Eliot invented in his poem “The Naming of Cats.” (Look in the next-to-last line. ) And from an alternate, slang meaning of “effanineffable.” (See the Urban Dictionary.)

Are you serious?

Well, not so much. What do you expect? Serious, literary fiction? With names like that?

It sounds kind of …sexist. Or dirty… Or…  Shhh…

Harumph! (Do you think it might be exploitative, too?) Did I mention Shakespeare?

Where did you get that story about Wachovia Bank and money-laundering?

From a British Newspaper. Or from the “failing” New York Times. Or from the Wall Street Journal, which would not be fake news, right?

But surely you made up that part about hackers taking the limits off ATM machines and having thugs withdraw the cash?

Well, look at the New York Times again? Or, if you don’t believe them, try Reuters.

Of course, FNNF-able is all fiction, so I made it up!

Except for the parts I copied from Shakespeare.

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